Visual Feast!

As bad as the weather was on Sunday and Monday, Tuesday brought the most beautiful day we’ve had in South Uist.  The sun was so strong we were all in short sleeves by the time our 10:30AM tea break rolled around.  I have to admit that the weather was so wonderful it awoke the naturalist in me.  I wandered the island from one end to the other, noting every plant and bird along my way.  For just a moment, I imagined I was William Bartram, traveling across a new land; enchanted by everything that met my eye.



I spied some lobster pots poised on the northern edge of the island and the way they looked framed against the sea and sky was too beautiful for words.  The smell of salt air and the gentle bobbing up and down of a small fishing boat were hypnotic… Now what were we supposed to be doing here again?





Believe it or not, every photo in the blog was made with my iPhone. They are completely unedited.  The only occasional modification is a lens by OlloClip I sometimes use for panoramas and fish-eyes. I’m sure with some color balancing and additional post-processing enhancements the photos will be even better. But who has the time for all of that, what with archaeology and blogging to be done?

We continued work on our two open units and decided we had enough free hands to open up a third unit over a small pile of stones we thought might be a possible burial. Needless to say, the students took to clearing that unit with considerable gusto as several of them are keenly interested in bioarchaeology and forensic sciences.




When we arrived back at home we were greeted by a fife and drum corps marching around the ferry parking lot outside our apartments.  That may happen on a random Tuesday here, but to us it was a very unusual sight!  They are here to participate in the Highland Games to be held tomorrow (Wednesday).