Finish Strong!


The students are starting to talk increasingly about the impending trip home.  I must admit, as we close in on these last few days on South Uist I’m also starting to get excited about the prospect of getting home.  However, I keep reminding everyone that the recording we do at the end of the project is the most important part of our fieldwork.  Any failure to keep our minds focused on the project might be catastrophic to the research we completed this summer.  Of course, another day of unbelievable weather probably didn’t help us stay focused!


While most of the crew worked on the final clean-up, photography, and drawing of our units, Emily and Karl did a masterful job of completing a topographic map of the eastern side of the island.  They not only learned how to do all of the basics with the total station, but they also mastered resections, backshots, sideshots, and how to establish new datum points as needed.  They even turned it into a thrilling game of “Marco Polo.”


On Sunday and Monday we were joined by Rachel, a professional photographer from the Isle of Lewis who documented our work with a much better eye than I possess.  She was great to have around and I want to thank Lehigh for arranging to have her visit.  At the same time, she was nice enough to sate the group’s collective dog-withdrawal by bringing her terrier mix, Miguel, to the site on both days.  It was so nice to be able to play with Miguel and I think Allie may have decided to pack him in her carryon luggage for the trip home.  Even hard-hearted Dr. Wesson (see for confirmation) got in on the the puppy love.


Meanwhile, we got some amazing footage with the drone; documenting both the last stage of excavation in all of our units, and also the beauty of the island itself.  Here are a few short outtakes from what promises to be an excellent documentation of our work this summer from a completely new perspective