I wasn’t able to post while Dave Anastasio and I were visiting Spain, so I intended to do so once I got home, but the semester always seemed to intervene and keep me from completing the task.  I finally decided to post some photos from the trip as Dave and I contemplate putting together a National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Experience grant proposal to fund 3-5 years of research in Orcé and Atapuerca in search of early hominin migrations into Western Europe.

We started out in Madrid, but picked up our rental car and quickly drove up to Segovia to meet Josep Pares from CENIEH (the National Center for Human Evolution) to discuss our plans and all of the folks we would need to meet with in Spain to discuss our proposed research.  Josep had already contacted most of the people with whom we needed to meet, so that part went off without a hitch.

What can you say about Segovia?  It was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. The Roman aqueduct was impressive.  Hard not to be impressed by their feats of engineering!  The food in Segovia was also one of the highlights of the trip.


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