Tidying Up before We Go


We began our last week of fieldwork on Sunday morning, and were met with one of the most beautiful days we’ve had on the island.  The weather could not have been more perfect as we made several additional drone flights and continued to clear and clean all of our open units.



Among the structures we identified this summer was an unusual Late Iron Age house.  It has an enigmatic plan, but the lower courses of its outer stone wall remain largely intact, making its architecture unambiguous.




In contrast to this relatively straight forward structure, along the eastern edge of the island we found a stone foundation that has caused us all to scratch our heads and propose  series of interpretive possibilities.  The majority of this structure has eroded into the sea, wth another section cut through by a Medieval construction, so we may never know with 100% certainty what it represents.  However, much of this summer’s research was devoted to recovering as much information as possible on some of the sites threatened by coastal erosion, so it looks like we recovered at least this small amount of information prior to this structure’s complete annihilation.


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