Sleepy Saturday


Much like Friday, Saturday was met with a late sleep and no formal activities.  We discussed attending a local rock festival, but tickets had already sold out before we were able to commit to it.

Niall, Alan, and I went out to Don Vulan Broch to talk about how we might be able to come up with the funding to excavate this impressive structure before the sea claims it as its own.  Niall and Michael Parker Pearson worked here in the 1990s and found there is an intact deposit inside the broch, immediately beneath a later Pictish house that was plopped down right in the middle of it.  There is also a extensive series of buildings of various ages abutting the broch.  The broch sits right on the ends of the North Atlantic on the interior of a shallow cove, but the wave damage is evident.  A protective revetment was placed against the seaward face of the broch in the 1990s, but it is cracking and showing signs that the waves will eventually have their way.  Given that this is the simple best preserved broch in the Uists, it seems like a worthy project for additional excavation.  Now we only need to find $350,000 to make it happen…




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