A Relaxing Friday

Friday was the first of two off days for us, so everyone slept late.  For the students that meant rising around 1.  For the professors, it meant something between 6:15 and 8:30.  At about 10 in the morning, Niall, Svetlana, and I took a trip down to Eriskay, the island to the south of South Uist, to have a coffee and do some shopping.  Svetlana is interested in a style of sweater made only in Eriskay, so we stopped at a wool shop and at the Eriskay shop to see how much a custom sweater would cost.

While Svetlana talked to them about her sweater, Niall bought an ice cream and made himself an impromptu picnic outside the shop, while I walked around to inspect everything on offer in the shop.  I was particularly taken by their fragrance selections, which included that “must have” One Direction perfume.  Let’s just say I resisted the urge to smell like just like Harry…


One of the knitting shops we stopped at was formerly the kitchen garden for a wealthy Eighteenth Century Macdonald family on the island.  I wondered if they might be related to my ancestor, George MacDonald who left South Uist for Kentucky in the 1830s.  Relatives or not, the restored kitchen gardens were stunning!




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