Visitors’ Day


Thursday was Visitors’ Day on site. Niall prepared a series of fliers and posted them on community bulletin boards around the island in hopes that a few locals would demonstrate an interest in archaeology and turn up to see our results. Needless to say, we were blessed with an amazing weather day, and as luck would have it, our segment for BBC Scotland aired during Wednesday night’s broadcast, making us the Hebridean equivalent of D-List celebrities! We ended up having about 80 visitors on site during the day, and several of our students acted as tour guides, explaining various aspects of our work to our guests.




There was even a fox sighting! A couple from England visiting family on the island brought their baby with them to tour the site. I couldn’t help but notice yet more baby kit decorated with fox images. I guess I’m not the only one beguiled by foxes!


One of the highlights on Thursday was extensive use of the drone to record our open units and capture the beauty of South Uist on a spectacular weather day. Ben Miller and I took turns flying around the island (always within the UK’s CAA safe drone flight regulations). Ben has a much smoother touch on the controls, so his videos are incredibly impressive. He will be creating a short documentary on our project for his senior thesis.

And if you have ever wondered what it looks like from the drone’s point of view to take off and land, here you go!



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