After Hours Archaeology


If you have ever wondered what archaeologists do after the end of an exhausting week in the field, the answer is – we hike more than a mile off the beaten path, through a bog, across a stream, to see an unexcavated Neolithic chambered tomb!

After getting back to our apartments around 6, Niall, Alan, and I decided to hike to see a local Neolithic chambered tomb. There is no road into this place and we had to hike more than a mile each way through knee-deep bog, and cross a stream for good measure, just to make our way to this place. Niall also thought it would be perfect for some drone images, so just to solidify this as one of the worst ideas ever, we did the hike with a 40 pound drone suitcase in tow.

On the hike to the structure I was cursing myself for being insane enough to drag the drone all this way, but once we were standing on this amazing pile of stone, I was very glad we had the drone!




Although the front court and entrance into the passageway have long since had their stones stripped for other building purposes (Niall believes for an Iron Age wheelhouse), portions of the passageway and the central chamber appear to be intact. There was a narrow opening into the chamber, but none of us was small enough to make through the opening. Perhaps in addition to the drone I need to add a micro-robot to my arsenal…


When I say this structure is massive, I mean massive! This tomb is Donald Trump “YUGGGEEE!” It may not rival Newgrange for its size and grandeur, but it was still an impressive construction. I droned over it for about 20 minutes and then we sat to take in the beauty of the setting.  The tomb entrance faces straight down a small loch and the view was simply breathtaking.





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