The Drone’s the thing!


I haven’t posted much about our use of a small drone in our research this summer. That isn’t because it hasn’t been useful, but because I just hadn’t taken the time to download all of the footage to my laptop.  On Monday we shot some extensive footage as we finished up several levels in our units that needed to be photographed.  The drone allows us to see our work from a completely different perspective.  Although archaeologists routinely map our units, drone photography is a bit more immediate and can help us visualize complex structures much more easily that simply relying upon ground-level assessments.  Thank you again to the Mellon Foundation’s Digital Humanities Grant and Lehigh University for providing the funding to support our research.  It is unfortunate that our Internet connection won’t permit the live Q&A we had hoped to offer every evening, but if you have any questions, just post them to the blog and we will be happy to address them.

Here are some photos of our units comparing what you can see at ground level to what the drone images can capture.







Here are some short videos we’ve shot with the drone’s onboard 4K video camera. I’ve reduced the quality to 1080p to keep the file sizes relatively small, and I’ve trimmed them to about 6 seconds, but they are still amazing!

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