Heatwave? Try Frostbite!


We’ve all been hearing complaints from loved ones in the U.S. about the heatwave you are experiencing.  Well, that is news to us!  The high on Monday was 50, with a sustained 25 mile per hour wind off the North Atlantic.  According to the NOAA windchill calculator, that meant we worked in the equivalent of 42* temps all day.  I’ve worked in subzero conditions before, but 42* in July?


The cold definitely took its toll on the crew, and everyone bundled up as much as possible. We were still able to continue our mapping work and on our new excavation block over what we believe might be a Neolithic chambered tomb.  As we cleared the turf from this mound, Kenyon found a large section of a pot, believed to date to the Medieval period.




On Monday we also brought out our 3D imaging camera and iPad to record some of our trenches using an emerging technology in archaeology. Our system is a Structure Sensor that snaps on to the back of an iPad and working in conjunction with its own camera and the one in the iPad, produces a 3D image in amazing detail. I will download some of those images tonight and post them to show you what this little wonder can do. We also will be using it later this week to record some of our artifacts as well, so stay tuned!


Although everyone was generally wiped out by the end of the day, I must congratulate Emily for having the courage and dedication to keep up her daily run despite the conditions. She also captured the photo of the summer when she snapped a selfie with a local highland cow. I think it is saying the Gaelic equivalent of “Eat More Chicken!”


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