The BBC Comes Calling


Before starting on this project, I met with Lori Friedman at Lehigh.  Lori has proven to be, quite simply, one of the best communications people in the business!  I’ve been a professional archaeologist for closing in on 3 decades and I’ve been part of several world class research projects. I’ve been interviewed on TV, radio, and by local papers many times before, but Lori was able to craft a press release that had almost a dozen news organizations and freelance journalists contacting us about this research within 2 days of its release. Thank you, Lori!

One of the first groups to contact us was BBC Scotland.  They stayed in consistent contact and stopped by this afternoon to film a story on our progress.  Luckily, they asked Niall all of the tough archaeological questions while I was asked a series of questions about how I decided to become involved in the project and what the students liked best about being on South Uist. I honestly never realized how intimidating it would be to have arguable the world’s greatest news organization shove a camera in your face. I didn’t exactly freeze, but I’m not sure I covered myself in glory either. Oh well, it isn’t like people actually watch BBC news… Oh wait! 😦


Unfortunately I don’t have great photos of our fieldwork today because we spent most of the day cleaning our units for mapping.  The most exciting activity in the field – aside from our visitors form the BBC – was laying out more grid and checking some of our old points to make sure they were still accurate. It was gratifying to see that most of our points were very accurate!  That accuracy is a testament to the attention each student paid when taught how to use the total station.  Way to go team! And thank you again Leica for making the best and easiest to use total stations in the business. (I’m not sure product placement works in real life, but maybe if I keep mentioning them they will give me an upgraded unit for free!)


At the end of every field day we stop at the local Co-Op grocery store. When we stop I always try to find something I’ve never seen before.  The chip (crisp) section is always sure to provide some new source of cross-cultural culinary apprehension.  Anyone interested in trying either of these flavors?



Of course I’ve used it in the blog before, but how could I resist another shot of my personal favorite:


I’m also delighted to report we’ve had several recent fox sightings.  There were a few lean days along the way, but the vulpines are back with a vengeance!




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