Muddy Monday

Monday morning we were met with more bad weather.  We made it out to the site at our normal time, but we waited for a break in the rain.  Sure enough, we were rewarded for our patience and started back to work. Unfortunately, we were only an hour or so into the work day when the skies opened up again and we had to beat a hasty retreat back home for the day.


Late on Monday evening, however, the weather lifted and we were greeted by Niall demanding that we take a drive to Eriskay, the island directly south of South Uist.  Svetlana and I jumped into the car with Niall and off we sped to catch the last moments of sunlight around 10:30PM.  Having the sun come up around 4:45AM and set that late has completely thrown off my sense of time.  In fact, I’ve started complaining of “vacation brain” where you have to consult your phone every morning to remind you what day of the week it is.

Fortunately for Niall, Svetlana, and myself, the drive to Eriskay was well worth the effort. I think the photos of the sunset speak volumes on their own…




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