Ferry Ride to Lochboisdale


We loaded the ferry at 5, but not without giving the dock workers some considerable amusement as we struggled to get our luggage up the narrowest gangway imaginable. At the same time, ridges in the gangway made it impossible to roll your bag up without navigating 100 or so miniature speed bumps. Eventually we all made it aboard, with most of the students and Svetlana deciding to nap on the voyage to South Uist.



I was too keyed up after all it had taken to get us this far, so I stayed up and watched through a large window as we sailed by the inner islands and into open water. I also decided to walk around the boat several times to exercise my legs and catch some breathtaking scenery. While walking around the boat I met a huge man named Joe from East Tennessee. He was making his 17th trip to South Uist to visit his family. He recounted the same experience in Glasgow regarding the rail line. Since he was traveling without a velvet hammer of his own, he and his wife had been sent to Oban, with no possible way of making the Mallaig ferry. They complained enough there to have ScotRail pay for a taxi to take them to Mallaig for the ferry at a cost of £197!


The ferry ride was amazing and the weather was excellent. The Outer Islands grew from specks on the horizon to full fledged landforms in the matter of three hours and we were met by Professor Sharples upon disembarking the ferry. Niall then took us to our accommodations and everyone collapsed in complete exhaustion.

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