Days 2 & 3


Just like our first day in the field, Wednesday and Thursday could not have been more glorious.  The sun was unrelenting, driving most of us to reapply sunscreen several times to avoid burning.  Although there is a constant wind off the North Atlantic, it really isn’t as cold as I initially expected.  It appears as though we are far more prepared for the cold than we are the heat!


We continued to work on two large block excavations, one along the eastern edge of the island, and another more to the northern interior.  One is suspected to be an Iron Age structure, whilst the other is a possible Bronze Age structure.  We cleared the turf and topsoil and began to trowel skim the surface to reveal the rock walls that once outlined these constructions.  Niall and his senior field assistant Alan quickly determined the inner and outer courses of the structures while I was left scratching my head at the immediacy with which they could diagnose these rock piles.  Of course, I have experience working with ephemeral wooden structures in North America whereas Niall and Alan have excavated numerous structures like the ones we are uncovering.





Actually, once we got the drone up and flying it was much easier to see the structure in our largest block.  I’m still having trouble seeing a clear structure in our linear trench, but I’m sure with some additional clearing it will be easier to spot.

We’ve found several pieces of Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery and several flint fragments in association with these structures, so it looks like we are on the cusp of some very exciting archaeology!





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