Sunday in Glasgow


Sorry these next few posts are exceptionally late, but we’ve had a dickens of a time with Internet access the last few days!  It looks like it is finally fixed, so I’m going to start posting about everything that has happened since last Sunday.  Hopefully we will have enough bandwidth to support our planned live internet broadcasts by Monday.


After our communal breakfast on Sunday morning everyone drifted off to either play vintage video games at a cafe that offered an hour of play for £1, play board games, read, or nap, while Svetlana and I walked to Waterstones books because apparently books weigh nothing and our already overstuffed luggage can always expand just a little bit more. 😉

While we were walking back to the hotel we happened across the opening ceremonies for the Homeless World Cup (yes, that is a thing!). I tried posting a video of the parade, but I don’t presently have enough bandwidth to upload it. As soon as that is resolved, I’ll share it with you. (Now at least a portion is uploaded!)

Svetlana and I also stopped by the train station to see what we needed to do to get the group to Mallaig since the rail strike had idled that line. They told us not to worry, a direct bus would take us straight to Mallaig. We were skeptical (rightly so) and so we decided to have everyone at the train station by 7:30 Monday morning for our 8:12 departure, just in case we had received poor information…


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