Hot mess…

Saturday was a day – to be sure. It started with the intention of giving everyone a free day to explore the city. I was planning to visit a local museum with some of the students, but other events intervened. First, a serious tummy ache took us to the hospital for an evaluation. Everyone is fine, so no need to worry.

After returning to the hotel in the early afternoon Svetlana and I had lunch and watched the Women’s Wimbledon Final. We then walked around the centre city doing some window shopping and looking at antiques.

When I made it back to the hotel in the early evening I was greeted by word that our train to Mallaig to meet the ferry had been cancelled for Monday due to a Scottish national rail strike. They are supposed to replace our train with buses, but it means no Harry Potter train ride experience for us. The students seem okay with the news, but Svetlana and I are bummed out completely.

We are presently having brunch in a wonderful little cafe called Wilson Street Pantry. Very hip and the service is amazing for a group of 13.

We also saw the Tardis on the walk from our hotel. It’s bigger on the inside, or so I’m told.

You will also be happy to know there were numerous fox sightings yesterday.

Extra credit was given to Emily for spotting this mural. Boy, that squirrel sure looks scared as the fox licks his lips!

Edit: I just finished the Lucy Jones book, Foxes Uncovered. She inadvertently explained the name of the store we spied here in Glasgow named “Pink” with a fox poised atop the sign. Pink is the name given to the traditional wardrobe (kit) worn on a fox hunt.

Thank you, Lord Grantham…

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