Stirling Castle

Today’s adventure included a train ride to Stirling to tour the famous castle. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to squeeze in a trip across the river to the William Wallace monument, but you can see it very well from the eastern side of the castle. To make up for this oversight I’ve demanded the students watch Braveheart three times and commit Rabbie Burn’s “Address to a Haggis” to memory. At the same time, I thought it interesting one battery of English cannons within the castle should be permanently trained on the Wallace monument. I’m sure that is merely by accident…

If you ever visit Scotland you should definitely find a day to visit Stirling. The town is charming and the castle is very impressive. The architectural styles on display run the gamut and the tour really helps you understand why most military leaders felt that taking or holding the castle was essential to ruling Scotland.

We also caught an enormous weather break today. It was absolutely beautiful! The sky was an amazing blue and the temperature soared all the way to 64 (not kidding). After a week of damp 50s, it really did feel amazing to throw off the waterproof jacket and soak in the sunlight. Also, given the weather on South Uist, I encouraged the students to try and commit sunshine to memory as we aren’t ensured any weather like today’s while on the island.

Svetlana and I decided we needed to reinforce our supervision of the students by using any source of authority we could find! 😉

I also thought it odd that Stirling Castle has to make due with a copy of the famous Unicorn Hunt tapestries while the originals hang in the Cloistera Museum in New York City. I guess Rockefeller’s money could literally buy him anything he wanted!

And finally, there was a fox sighting today. Thanks Ally for the sharp eye!

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