“If thou were the lion, the fox would beguile thee.”

– William Shakespeare, Timon of Athens

Having had my heart completely vulpeculated several years ago by a small red fox I would spy occasionally on my drive from Lehigh to my home in rural Berks County, I’ve become a keen fox spotter. Be it an actual fox like the one I saw on the National Mall between the Lincoln Monument and Korean War Memorial, or the increasingly common images appearing on everything from kitchen towels and socks to throw pillows, I have made a sport of finding foxes in the most unusual places.

Having shared information on this new obsession with several students on the field school, they have now taken to it with gusto. In fact, they have started to refer to our trip as “Foxspotting” – a fitting pop-culture reference given that Edinburgh figures prominently in the book and movie Trainspotting.

For the past two days I’ve tried to make it to Waterstones’ books to purchase a copy of Foxes Unearthed by Lucy Jones, but I arrived too late both nights. The book isn’t available in the US just yet, so I’ve been anxious to get a copy. After touring Edinburgh Castle I walked down Castle Hill to Waterstones and bought one. I immediately ran off to devour the book as quickly as possible. Sharing in my excitement, the students celebrated my purchase by inundating me with fox-related items they spied in local gift shops and used book stores. They may eventually prove to be questionable aspiring archaeologists, but they most certainly qualify as unmitigated successes at Foxspotting! 😉

Finn approves of this purchase

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