Harry Potter and the Curse of the National Museum

No, that isn’t the next unpublished work by J.K. Rowling, just a review of our first full day in Scotland.

We started with a walk from our hotel to Waverly Bridge to take the hop-on-hop-off bus tour. After a great morning of touring, we took in the archaeology exhibits at the Scottish National Museum. The museum was amazing, and we just happened to be here during the limited run of the Celts exhibit mounted in conjunction with the British Museum. Lots of amazing finds on display and fantastic signage, but alas, no photography was allowed.

While we were in the museum it began to rain and continued to do so until the early evening.  We walked across the street and had coffee and tea at the Elephant House – birthplace of Harry Potter. Afterwards we took the Majestic bus tour to see some sights outside the city centre.

After the tour I walked with about half the group to The Grassmarket and looked for books in a wonderful used book store. The others visited a record shop to look for vintage vinyl.

Finally, we had our opening night program dinner at the Cellar Door. The food was great and they were very accommodating for a group of 14 boisterous Yanks.

We just made it back to the hotel and everyone is present and accounted for. Tomorrow we are set to tour Edinburgh Castle, walk the Royal Mile, and take the City of the Dead graveyard and catacomb tours. 

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