Passport Protection

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you while traveling is to lose your passport.  Whether you simply misplaced it or it was stolen, the hassles that accompany replacing a passport will make you wonder why you ever wanted to go abroad in the first place!  Most seasoned travelers avoid losing their passport by keeping it in a secure compartment inside their luggage and not carrying it with them as they are out seeing the sights.

You should make a photocopy of your passport identity page and keep this with you as you travel around Edinburgh and Glasgow.  I’ve never had to show any form of identification outside the customs and immigration station when traveling in the UK, but a photocopy would suffice should you ever need to demonstrate your identity to the authorities.

Pickpockets are always an issue wherever tourists are to be found.  They want to take advantage of you letting your guard down while you experience something awe-inspiring.  Don’t forget to make every effort to protect yourself and your property.  Here is a link detailing some of the common ways they try to take your stuff:

Pickpocketing Tricks


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