Edinburgh Airport to our hotel (revised)

Not everyone will be arriving in Edinburgh at the same time.  Several of us will be taking the same flight from Newark that arrives on July 3rd at 9:45AM.  There aren’t any trains from the airport to the City Centre, so you will need to take a cab or take a bus to Haymarket Station and then walk a couple of blocks to our hotel.  The Light blue bus will take you from the airport to Haymarket station.  From there it is is only a 2-3 block walk.  I’m not sure of the exact fare, but it looks like the bus will cost £5 ($8) or less.


If you are planning to take a cab, I recommend downloading the Uber app and using it to get a discounted fair to the hotel.  Online sources suggest it is usually between £20-25 ($30-35) from the airport to downtown Edinburgh.  Uber will probably run you about 50-60% of that rate.

If you arrive at some wildly different time from the rest of us, you should make your way to our hotel.  They won’t allow you to check in early, but they will hold your bags until their official check-in time.  Our hotel is:

CityLivein Grove Street
69 Groves Street
telephone – 44 (0131) 2296651

The hotel is in the Haymarket area of Edinburgh, on the west end of the city centre.  The trip from the airport to the hotel is the only part of your in-country transportation that hasn’t already been pre-paid since we don’t officially start the class until the morning of July 4th.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Below is a map of Edinburgh showing the airport and our hotel.  We are staying in a student accommodation within easy walking distance to the train station, the National Museum, Edinburgh Castle, and the City Centre.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.21.16 AM


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